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A Room with a Hallway (aka Our Wedding Night)

A Waldorf Story by Neil & Melissa St. Clair

My wife Melissa and I just celebrated our 9th Wedding Anniversary this week (September 29th). We were married at Trinity Church on Wall Street with a reception at the Down Town Association. At the time of our wedding, a dear friend of mine was also just starting his career in hospitality. His first role? As the night manager at the famed Waldorf-Astoria in New York. Through some back-office magic, he was able to get my soon-to-be-wife and I a room well above our budget for pennies.

As I said to her at the time, when your room has a hallway (especially when you cannot see the end of that hallway), you know you’ve got one of the great temporary domiciles of your hotel life. If memory serves, we were on the 9th floor, but I cannot say for certain.

We used the room for staging in between the ceremony and reception, and were fortunate enough to take some pictures that captured our time as the newest of newlyweds. We spent our wedding night and first full day as a married couple in the hotel’s welcoming embrace, and it made a wonderful time all the more enhanced. We’re hoping to return for future anniversaries as the Waldorf returns to its renewed splendor… this time, however, we’ll be joining with our two wonderful children in tow.

As New Yorkers, and as past guests, thank you for all that you represent; we honor your past and look forward to your future!