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A Flag on Park Avenue

A Waldorf Story by Albert Montagut

When FC Barcelona decided to set up its US headquarters, we chose Park Avenue as our new address. At that time, I was the club’s global communication director, in charge of announcing Barça’s arrival to New York.

It was incredibly exciting to see. That day, September 6th 2016, all the jockeys on the steps of the 21 Club restaurant were dressed in the Barça shirt. The Empire State Building was illuminated with the colors of our club. And most exciting for me, was to see the FC Barcelona flag raised on the main facade of the Waldorf Astoria.

Raising the FC Barcelona flag with the hotel employees was a truly historic moment for Barça, but an unforgettable moment of personal satisfaction.

It was truly a pleasure to spend those days leading up to the opening with the rest of the delegation at the Waldorf Astoria hotel. We enjoyed its restaurants, its bars, its breakfasts, its cocktails, its extraordinary Sunday brunch buffet and the chocolate waterfall! There’s nothing more ‘New York’ than the Art Deco atmosphere of the Waldorf Astoria lobby. What memories. Memories that will soon become a reality again!