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I always loved the Waldorf

A Waldorf Story by Carolyn Blair

My husband and I love exploring the city. We’ve lived here our whole lives, and never tire of learning about the buildings that surround us. Their architectural history, as well as their own stories.

I had been to the Waldorf lobby enough times with friends and my husband to say that I loved it, but we never stayed there. We always wanted to see it from the inside, so finally decided to book a stay on the last weekend it was open before restoration. We felt lucky to explore all the spaces of this grand hotel, along with talking to some of the staff. So many of them had been there a long time, and they only had wonderful memories of the hotel. It was a bittersweet weekend. Sad because the original state of the hotel was ending, but exciting because there was curiosity about how it would turn out.

I must have taken 1,000 pictures over the weekend, just so I could remember the experience. I took my Instagram audience on a pictorial tour of my experience in 2017. I spread the stories on my Instagram over a couple of weeks, and I savored being able to share the joy of staying there. I must admit that everyone loved the stories, too. So many had also stayed there.

I know time moves forward and things change, but it was a real treat to see the Waldorf before restoration. It is something that I will never forget. I would love to see it restored. I’m sure a wonderful job was done preserving the space as it should be.