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An Immigrant and the American Dream

A Waldorf Story by Constantine G. Economus

I have the honor of owning a portrait of my grandfather Atty. Constantine G. Economus standing before a mantle in his room at The Waldorf Astoria circa 1954 prior to returning to his homeland of Greece for the first time since his arrival in the United States in 1916. You can see the pride in his eyes having made it on his own in the US and staying in such a hotel prior to his historic departure!

As a child, he told me this story many times! As an adult, I remembered his stay and began our new family tradition by taking my own wife and daughters to The Waldorf at Christmas. Every year we booked our stay in The Towers, and every stay was special. The staff doted on our young girls and it became a sort of home away from home. Those memories are truly priceless, and we are looking forward to the reopening of the renewed hotel and starting new traditions in a very special place!