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History Repeats for Bledsoe Retirement

A Waldorf Story by Cynthia Bledsoe
After a stellar career culminating as a company president in the pharmaceutical industry, my father-in-law D. Fred Bledsoe retired on October 6, 1982, the Waldorf-Astoria hosted an elegant dinner in his honor. To memorialize the experience, my mother-in-law, Ursula, framed the menu for posterity and graciously passed it on to us. Because of this cherished piece of family history from the Waldorf-Astoria, we are able this year to replicate the dinner for my husband, Martin, upon his retirement from Johns Hopkins where he continued the family lineage in healthcare administration. On November 6, 2021, almost exactly 39 years later, our family of three children, eight grandchildren, and many friends will gather to surprise him with the same menu served at his father’s party in 1982. The magic continues.