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Dreams Do Come True

A Waldorf Story by Inna Zyryayeva

I heard about Waldorf Astoria for the first time when I watched the movie Coming to America. Could I, a little Soviet girl living in a provincial town in the north of Kazakhstan, dream of visiting the world-famous hotel and the USA, in general? This dream was a utopia when there was an iron curtain between the USSR and the USA, but I’ll tell you that dreams do come true.

I was at a wedding in this hotel by a fluke. It was in NYC in 2016. My happiness knew no bounds! I was able to see all the beauty, power, and sophistication of this legendary hotel. Despite the fact that the fairy tale ended at midnight, and I, like Cinderella returned to reality, the impression doesn’t leave me until now!

I’m married now, and I live in NYC and its happiness to me that I just walk by the Waldorf Astoria and remember that wonderful night and the fairy tale given to me by fate.

P.S. Sorry for my English.