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Endless Memories

A Waldorf Story by John DE LA O

My memories of the Waldorf begin in 2009. My friend and I took a trip in icy January. Upon arrival late afternoon, we were met by Franklin the bellman. I entered as a guest, but I would leave as family.

Later during that stay, after returning from dinner, I noticed my favorite pen had gone missing. I phoned the restaurant to see if they had it—no luck. Moments after, the front desk called, saying they had found it. They informed me the bellman Franklin spotted it.

The next day as we checked out, I was able to thank him. He said with such assurance, “You’re very welcome, Mr. DE LA O that’s the Waldorf way!”

I would come back many times over the years and was able to see familiar friends with warm smiles. For my 26th birthday, Michael Romei, Head Concierge, had the kitchen make up a lovely, signed card and edible arrangement. For my daughter’s first visit, the team had a welcome sign made!

You see, when you enter the Waldorf, you are transported back to a place your heart yearns to be. A time, where the magic never ends. Here are some of those moments throughout the years. From 2009, 2014 (meet at the clock) with my now wife, and 2016 birthday surprise!

Someday soon, I will have the pleasure of walking back in those doors. Till then, cheers to the Waldorf and all things great!