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The Vice Presidential Suite and Oscar

A Waldorf Story by Lisa Nilsson

I have two stories of times spent at The Waldorf. The first is back in the early 80s when I worked as a temp and had an assignment at Oscar’s in the office helping to organize files in one of the business offices. I discovered lots of old, handwritten recipe cards in one of the closets and had fun reading them!

My second time at The Waldorf occurred when I was the set decorator on “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” - sometime back in the early 2000s. We were bringing in some set dressing into what I believe was the Vice Presidential Suite in the Towers - just some things pertinent to the scene and had to change some of the artwork (as the art seen on film and TV has to be “cleared“- meaning that the owner had the rights to the art and could sign the production company’s waiver). It was so exciting to be there in this historic space - huge living room and dining room and galley kitchen and large bedrooms. As we were working late and the production company had paid for the room for two nights (and I had a long drive home and would have to be in the next morning at 5am), I was given permission to “sleep over.” I was so nervous that I wouldn’t wake up before the shooting crew arrived. I don’t think I slept a wink! Everything went “picture perfect” the next day and the staff couldn’t have been more gracious and helpful.

I will definitely treasure my times in this special place and took a “DO NOT DISTURB” paper sign as my keepsake - which I have to this day!