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My Family’s Waldorf Careers

A Waldorf Story by ALICE GELARDI

My parents Edward and Collette Gelardi and my brother Gus Gelardi all worked at the Waldorf Astoria.

My father worked there for 54 years. He started as a bellboy and progressed to the position of Bell Captain in the Waldorf Towers for the majority of his career. He knew former President Herbert Hoover who made the Waldorf Towers his permanent residence after his presidency. He also saw numerous celebrities and politicians including several US Presidents, as well as heads of state from various countries.

My mother worked in the Waldorf Towers for 27 years as a maid. She was assigned to the permanent residency area performing the hotel amenities to Mrs. Douglas MacArthur and socialite Mrs. Mildred Hilson who was well known for her parties that included politicians and celebrities which my mother had met from time to time. My brother worked as an elevator operator and at times a doorman for three years while putting himself through college. He too had the opportunity to see many celebrities.

I was able to find some pictures… my father being honored for his 50 years of service, my mother receiving the Pride Award, and pictures of some of the uniforms they wore during the years.

Needless to say, the Waldorf Astoria will always be very dear to the Gelardi Family.