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Memories of a lifetime

A Waldorf Story by Offir Estay Hilton

When I was little, living at The Waldorf Towers was an adventure.

One had a whole world to explore, once you stepped out on Park Avenue, and it was comforting to know you can return to The Towers at any time and have a place to relax from the daily impressions.

As a kid, I loved nothing more than running down the hallway, going to the lobby, and watching the other residents come and go. I would occasionally play hide-and-seek with Michael - the most attentive Head Concierge - and his team, who always played along.

One of my favorite Waldorf memories remains attending the International Debutante Ball many years later when my cousin debuted. It was a magical night, with orchestra music, beautiful dances, and gorgeous people.

Definitely memories of a lifetime.