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The story of a boy behind the Iron Curtain

A Waldorf Story by Natalia Fedorczenko

Hi, Dear Waldorf Astoria! My name is Natalia. I am Ukrainian, I live in Poland - a country that contributed greatly to the overthrow of communism. And this story is about dreams and freedom.

My beloved husband - Arkadiusz - was born and grew up behind the Iron Curtain, in a gray and sad country. But he had big dreams! He wrote letters to various companies in the West, searched for addresses wherever he could … He hoped that someone will answer. In this way, he wanted to touch - even through a letter - this better and colorful world.

For a long time there was no reply, until one day a beautiful envelope appeared in the letterbox … from New York … from the Waldorf Astoria hotel … It was a miracle … The letter was written by the concierge from Waldorf Astoria hotel: ‘hi, how are you, nice to hear from you, maybe we’ll meet some day’ … A little boy from a communist country, where people died in prisons and starved to death, he got a message from paradise …

Now, when he is 49 years old, he remembers it all the time and tells how one tiny envelope changed his life, because it gave him hope that everything is possible. He has not been to New York yet, but he is trying to fulfill his other dreams. He is a sociologist, historian, traveler, and photographer, knows art and loves to discover new places. And I love him and that’s why I dared to write to you.

Next year Arkadiusz “the boy” turns 50, Waldorf Astoria - an icon and a beautiful tradition - 90 years … It cannot be a coincidence.

I greet you very warmly and maybe … see you soon. Natalia from Warsaw.