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We can’t wait to ‘go back home

A Waldorf Story by tris korol

I never thought I would be grown up enough or important enough or even worthy enough to stay at ‘The Waldorf’.

My gal pals and I were on a getaway around 15 years ago and talked turned to where we would love to go. Various spots were mentioned, and I just said, ‘The Waldorf’. Somehow, I made it happen-a night, one glorious, memorable night.

That’s all it took, supportive friends, a train ride from Poughkeepsie and a short walk from Grand Central. I am pretty sure we were making plans and checking our calendars for the next stay even before we went to The Bull and Bear for dinner!

The memories made make us smile whenever we are together-Sunday brunch, drinks at Peacock Alley, friends made at Bull and Bear, historic tours, The Clock, the first time we used The Towers elevator, we walked every inch and took in all The Waldorf had to offer… loved looking at the picture lined walls, ate in the kitchen for a special lunch. We won an auction to be some of the only non-media people at the ‘Taste of the Waldorf’.

Turning the corner from Grand Central, we would just whisper, ‘we’re home.’ It may not seem like a lot, but the 10 or so times we were there through the years always made us feel like we were the only ones there. Top-notch, first-class service. To say we can’t wait to ‘go back home’ is an understatement. You are missed, and soon enough, we will ‘go home’ once again.

Stay well.