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Memories of the Waldorf

A Waldorf Story by Alexandra Stamas

In March 2015, my boyfriend and I went to NYC to see a show at Carnegie Hall. We were fortunate enough to have chosen to stay at the Waldorf Astoria during this visit. The show was wonderful, the trip was wonderful, but truly my two favorite things were found at the Waldorf: the original room doorbells and the Waldorf’s guided tour!!

I loved the architecture and original details that made the Waldorf so spectacular, but the tour was a great surprise, revealing more than any guest could ever imagine. The stories of the socialites, the parties, the grand entrances (sometimes on an elephant’s back!!), the pre-air conditioning, the Cole Porter piano, sitting in JFK’s chair… what wonderful stories our guide provided us. Although her name escapes me, her knowledge and personality are still with me. She was a firecracker and filled us with facts, stories, and memories we still cherish!! Of course, finishing the tour with lunch, which included a Waldorf salad at the Waldorf Astoria… perfection!!