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A Night of Magical Memories

A Waldorf Story by Linda Marzullo Boeri

Recollecting this incredible night spent at Starlight Roof of the Waldorf Astoria for our high school prom remains one of our most beautiful and cherished memories. Our private all-girls school of Saint Agnes Seminary in Brooklyn is long gone but the memory of that night when we 63 would ultimately embark on the rest of our lives cannot be forgotten. The age of elegance and refinement that the Waldorf represented was the only choice for the most momentous event of our lives. The faculty of the school, who were the sisters of Saint Joseph, always arranged over the years for the prom to be held at the Waldorf Astoria knowing that it would be the highlight of our senior year.

The evening began with a visit to the convent so that the sisters could greet us and give us their blessing. The limousines then whisked us away to begin this awe-inspiring time. As we entered the magnificent Art Deco lobby, feeling so sophisticated in our beautiful gowns and our escorts in their tuxedos, we knew that we were in for a magical night. Ascending the elevators to the 18th floor to the Starlight Roof, we were entranced by the magnificent ambience that held such a fascination. It was beyond ethereal in its decor as the ceiling design and star studded swags bedecked the ballroom. Most of us were barely 17-year-old girls but we felt like we were all princesses in that setting. As the orchestra played the Sweetheart Waltz that we had been trained to dance together with one another as our escorts looked on, we felt like debutantes at our first coming out party. And indeed we did as only the Waldorf could have provided such an exquisite event for us all to share and always remember.

Incidentally, we are the lovely couple you see who eventually married in 1969! Now, at 75, my grateful heart still remembers such a special evening as if it were 1963 all over again. Such precious memories are priceless and I know that my Saint Agnes Seminary sisters feel the same way as we continue to keep connected across the miles. Thank you for providing us with such a sensational night to remember!