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The Herbert Hoover Suite

A Waldorf Story by Ed McMahon

I got know Eric Hilton here in Houston many years ago when he oversaw the Shamrock Hilton. I had been to the Waldorf several times when I used to visit New York. I along with some other friends took Eric to the Houston Rodeo, which he thoroughly enjoyed.

He would always say “ If you go to any Hilton just give me a call and I will fix you up.”

Well, months later I did give Eric a call that me and my girlfriend would be in New York and would be staying at his hotel. I remember well that he said let me check, I want to get you a good room in the Towers.

Well, we arrived in New York and checked in and to our surprise we had just a small room. I said to my girlfriend that we were supposed to have a suite. I called the manager and told him about our room and the Mr. Hilton had told me he would arrange for a suite. Long story short the manager said to go have a cocktail and I will see what I can do.

An hour later a bell captain came and got us to take us to our new room (suite). To our surprise when we got off the elevator and here, we were in the Herbert Hoover suite. What a place. Our clothes had been put up; our bath supplies put out. His and her baths, dining room and a lot of other things. This was unbelievable. We were there for 3 days. Paper every morning and complimentary breakfast snacks.

It was by far the best trip I had ever been to New York. When I got back to Houston, I called Eric to thank him. HIs reply was “ Always glad to help a fellow Texan”.

I kept up with him for a while, but I think he moved to Las Vegas.

My girlfriend and I share this story sometimes when we have friends going to New York.